Gym and skate sessions


Afterschool Gym and skate sessions start in the second week of school. The first half of the lesson is a circuit with body-weight exercises designed to increase core strength and balance needed for surfing. The final half hour is spent on the skate ramp practicing drop-ins, turns and for more advanced – aerial moves.Location: High Performance Surf Centre in Cromer (Unit 8 Villers Place, Cromer 2099)

What to bring
  • Drinking water
  • Comfortable gym gear including shos

Gym and skate sessions

16:15 to 17:15 PM
  • Mondays - Wednesday
  • HSPC Gym access and training
  • Skate park access

$ 160/ per 8 weeks

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Elite Beach sessions

AFTER SCHOOL, Elite, Beach

Elite and Advanced Elite Programs will run for the full 8 weeks also starting in week 2 of the term. Each lesson is filmed during the lesson and then reviewed at the end to discuss each maneuver, technique and how it can be improved.
Starts: Week 2 of each term
Location: Manly beach

What your learn
  • Correct Surfing Technique
  • Contest Strategies
  • Sports Psychology
  • Surfboard design assistance
  • Nutrition
  • Sponsorship management
  • Training Tools

What to bring
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen
  • Wetsuits
  • Board

Elite Beach sessions

Starts week 2 of term
  • Video Analysis
  • Mind and body training
  • Tools and technique

$ 280/ per 8 weeks

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Online Programs

Pop up Development

8 Week Training Program
  • Improve your pop up in all directions
  • Increase body flow
  • Pop up easier

$ 39/8 Weeks

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The Surf Movement

12 Week Training Program
  • Workouts that can be integrated into your lifestyle
  • Walks you through each exercise
  • Get the most out of it for your body

$ 56/12 weeks

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Holistica Academy

First 5 days FREE
  • Excercises, mindfulness and release series
  • A new way to move
  • Improve your mobility, strength & agility

$ 8/Week

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