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Our Mission

To help you improve and achieve your goals with your surfing and skateboarding. Regardless of your age, ability and surf craft. We train professionals, intermediates and beginners.

Surfers Gym

The High Performance Surf Centre has combined with “Surfers Gym” a facility to improve your overall performance and fun in the water. There are many gyms within Sydney and the world though we focus on surfing only - not on generic training for all sports. We also help you to improve your overall well being.

About the Gym

YOU'RE IN good company

Top surfers that have trained with us.

Unbeaten 3min max paddle record on our surf paddle machine.

Strength, mobility and confidence for any form of fitness.

Apnoea training and high intensity conditioning. Good luck keeping up with Ollie.

Full body strength and conditioning to always be prepared for those triple overhead days.

Movement and agility so I can snake dad in the lineup without him having a clue.

Strength and mobility to stay powerful in all conditions. Also to out paddle dad for the sets.

Highest box jump record still stands. Hip and glute strength is key!

Balance and control comes from the core.

Somewhere to focus on what needs to be done and how to make it happen.

Translating strength progressions and optimum movement patterns from the gym to the surf.

Plus many more... Nathan Hedge, Laura Enever, Cooper Chapman, Wade Carmichael, Harley Ross, Macy Callaghan, Sandon Whittacker, Luel Felipe, Dylan Moffatt, Darcy Crump, Jamie Thomson, Finn Hill, Kobi Clements, Axel Currotta, Winter Vincent and the Surfing NSW State Team

About Matt

Matt became a coach in 1983 as a 12 year old grom with World Champion Pam Burridge and Mark Warren with the Warringah Council. Then started the Manly Surf School in 1995, which has become the most successful surf school within the World. Mat became the NSW Institute of Sport Coach for Surfing Australia in 1997 coaching such ASP World Tour athletes as Adrian Buchan, Owen Wright, Glenn”micro” Hall, Chelsea Georgesen-Hedges, (ASP world Champion 2005) Tom Whitaker and Laura Enever.

Matt obtained his Black belt in Brazilian Ju Jitsu 2020 and his under Will Machedo with coach Peter King. Currently Training under Rodrigo Bertona in the Holistica pro health Performance with the Surf Movement program.,Completed a Degree in Leisure ,Sport and Tourism in 1991 at The University Of Technology, Sydney.Matt completed an Internship in Movement with Ido Portal in 2012. We completed Cert 4 in Fitness. Matt competed as a WQS surfer and Pro Junior as was runner up for the NSW State Title. He then became a sponsored free surfer. He has been on a quest his whole life surfing big waves in Nazare, Hawaii, Fiji,Tahiti and Australia. He also froths on small waves as well.

Matt coached Nathan Hedge as a 11 year old kid. Nathan went on to qualify on the World Tour in 2001. His world tour rankings in 7th (2004), 8th in 2005. Nathan went to win an event in Scotland and was runner up in Tahiti twice and J-Bay once. Nathan has had 10 point rides at Fiji, Tahiti and J Bay.

Matt became the NSW Institute of Sport coach for Surfing Australia with Martin Dunn in 1997 coaching such ASP World Tour athletes as Adrian Buchan, Owen Wright, Glenn ”micro” Hall, Chelsea Georgesen-Hedges, (ASP world Champion 2005) Tom Whitaker and Laura Enever.

Matt Grainger has been High Performance Coach for Surfing NSW for the past 10 years, coaching the NSW State Team at the Australian titles.

About Scott

Scott has been a passionate surfer for over 12 years and has been a part of the Surfers’ Gym since its early beginnings. He has been a trainer with us throughout his studies at university and takes a particular interest in strength development and high intensity conditioning.

Scott believes maintaining an active lifestyle is what keeps you confident and prepared for whatever conditions one might be faced with, in or out of the ocean. He strives to keep sessions goal oriented, challenging and enjoyable for all capabilities. Whether you’ve been a fitness frother all your life or just starting out, Scott takes great pride in continuously seeking out improvements no matter what stage of your surfing journey you are in.

Scott is available for Exercise Physiology Appointments and Personal Training sessions, Connect with him today for more details.


  • Bachelor of Exercise Physiology (University of Sydney)
  • Level III / IV Fitness
  • Level 1 Holistic Pro Health and Movement Coach
  • Level 1 Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilisation (DNS)

Some words from Scotty

“Surfing is one of the best and healthiest form of fitness there is, so being able to help people surf better, longer or even for the first time is most rewarding for me. I feel really humbled training along side people who share the same connection to the ocean, it makes for a great community vibe in the gym.""

About Felipe

Our master of breath, we are very lucky to have Felipe with us in the gym.
With extensive background and a genuine passion for breathwork, apnea and mindfulness in training, Felipe brings his experience to all sessions
He has a keen attention to detail, focusing on things we can often overlook when we surf or participate in other forms of movement.
Felipe lives in Narrabeen and is no stranger to some of our outer reefs when the swells are up! Look out for him on our timetable and come along for a taste of something different to what you are used to!!


  • Level III / IV Fitness
  • Level 1 Holistic Pro Health and Movement Coach
  • Level 1 Apnea Survival Instructor

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